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  • -Any assigned SPIES/SCULPT/MILF/SAVAGE classes in your designated time slot (limited people)
  • -Any/all THUMP Boxing classes (unlimited people)
  • -Saturday BONUS
  • -If there is room available in any other classes, you may attend these too (MILF, is for females only).

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  • -Any SPIES/SCULPT/MILF/SAVAGE class (limited people, members get preference)
  • -Any THUMP boxing class (unlimited people)
  • -Saturday BONUS

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Darren Pereira

Back when I was at school, I never played any type of sport unless it had a controller and a screen, I hated PE (physical education), so I was quite inactive as a child and teenager. Left school, got a job, and life as I knew it was normal...

I was always on the thin side and didn’t have much confidence at all, I couldn’t talk to girls, so I was single until I was 21. This all changed at the age of 20, when I picked up my first dumbbell and did my first set of bicep curls…it was love at first curl…I could only just slightly see the bump in my arm, but I was hooked! It only took a few months to notice considerable changes in my body.

So, having attained the body I desired, I gained huge confidence within myself and really started living life...I completed my personal training course, and then I started my career in 2009. I have literally helped hundreds of people in Penrith drop dress sizes, lose weight, tone up, bulk up, reduce stress, helped with posture, lower blood pressure, and lower cholesterol, got people off medication, helped with injury/rehab, and regain movement. I have never looked back of my health and now all I want to do is share my knowledge and expertise with you. I am a results focused trainer who likes to get the job done, whilst having a lot of fun.

Meet Your Trainer

Bree Agliaro

I have always been active throughout my childhood, playing representative field Hockey and dancing…however, I fell in LOVE with Fitness (The Gym) at the age of 15, and have been working in the industry ever since. From the moment that I did my very first boxing class I knew I wanted to be the person at the front helping others. I am extremely passionate about working hard, however I like to do so in a fun, loud, chilled out environment.

I have a unique group training /buddy session style and know that I can give you the tools to help you believe in yourself and your ability. My goal is to help you to find a way to fall in love with fitness and healthy living, and to be just as passionate about it as I am. Helping people achieve their own goals is an amazing feeling and just one of the things I love so much about being a trainer.

I am aware that all bodies and minds are so different, so you need to find what works for you and want it more than anything else.

Your own belief in yourself is more powerful than anything else in the world.

Meet Your Trainer

Justin Fadden

I have over five years of professional experience in the fitness industry. In 2010 I received my Certificate three and four in personal training. In 2011 I decided to complete an advanced personal training certificate which covered EMT (effective Movement Training). This education provided insight into the importance of the functional and cognitive aspects of training, and how they impact weight loss, strength and hypertrophy. EMT also provided the means to train disabled clients, due to the focus on effective movement and functional training, which covers brain functionality and its impact on movement.

My interest in fitness and health stems from and early involvement in sports and physical activity. My introduction to this was at age four when I started playing rugby league. This lasted nine years, after which I pursued my interest in mixed martial arts starting with Hapkido. This interest developed from my father, who is a black belt in Hapkido, and has trained me on and off for years. This interest in fighting extends to the styles of Boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jui Jitsu, all of which I have trained in. i also have experience training for weightless and hypertrophy. My current training regime consists of a combination of gymnastic ring training, Crossfit, Olympic lifting, and powerlifting, all of which I have previously trained in individually

Meet Your Trainer

Justin Edwy-Smith

I’m Justin,

I’m a family man with a wife and 3 children.

My whole life I have had an interest for sport and fitness, being a natural at any sport with a real passion for soccer, tennis, and a strong passion for boxing, which now I instruct.

Always being fit as a child and a teen I let work and everyday struggles get the better of me gaining weight and peaking at over 140kg. I have been involved with the fitness industry for over 10 years and doing PT for over 12months. I originally lost 30kg in less than 6months by receiving the guidance from InPursuit Fitness and always striving to learn and improve every day.

Train with me and let me teach you the things I learnt that changed my life for good by doing the same things I did to achieve my goals.

Meet Your Trainer

Adam Malicdem

I’m Adam. I started in the fitness industry 2 years ago, with the Australian Institute of Fitness and have been with InPursuit Fitness since then. With regards to fitness I have previous trained 3 years of boxing/ kickboxing and a little Muay Thai and MMA but only for fitness, toning and cardio. Here at InPursuit I do train 1 on 1 for our thump boxing and help run the boxing classes. I also take on 1 on 1 personal training with Darren, to help with weight loss, muscle toning, improve technique and correct body movement as well as improve general fitness whilst ensuring you have a great time.

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