Group Training

Group Training "GROUPIES"


MINIMUM TIME = MAXIMUM RESULTS - It's only half an hour!

Welcome to the BEST group training option in the fitness industry!

A GROUPIES workout is an innovative combination of cardio and strength training designed to tone, tighten and transform your body. Workouts cover a range of different aspects of training which includes Speed & Power; Interval Training; Endurance; Boxing/Kick Boxing and Time under Tension.

Benefits of GROUPIES Training

  • See BIG results in the first three weeks!
  • The combination of motivation and friendly competitiveness make it the ideal way to train
  • Classes run early morning and evening, Monday-Friday
  • Bonus Saturday morning class
  • Flexible membership options to meet your needs. We recommend training five times a week for maximum results
  • We offer affordable group sessions at a fraction of the price of a 1:1 personal training session
  • We cap our class size (max 12) so that you receive the attention, encouragement and support you need to obtain your health and fitness goals
  • Group training is a great way to meet new friends, catch up with old friends or a chance to meet the partner of your future!

S.P.I.E.S: recommended training 3-5 times per week

We have developed proven circuit training programs that achieve the most effective and efficient way to train to achieve a sexy, toned and lean physique. These workouts will leave you feeling absolutely smashed and covered in sweat but begging for the next workout.

Our S.P.I.E.S Training programs combine “Speed & Power”, “Interval” (hypertrophy), and “Endurance” workouts. A proven way our clients acquire their quick results.

THUMP: recommended training 2 times per week

Boxing will develop muscular endurance, increase fitness, reduce body fat, and improve tone. Hone your skills and develop your boxing prowess in this amazing full body workout. Attend to the upper body with jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts whilst working that lower body with front kicks, body kicks, groin kicks, side and leg kicks.

SCULPT: recommended training 4-5 days per week

If looks are important, SCULPT is for you!

Build a brand new you by utilising advanced zoned hypertrophy training. This program has been specifically designed for both MALES and FEMALES to target every muscle in the body. SCULPT the body of your dreams today!

M.I.L.F (Insert full name here): recommended training 3-5 times per week

Designed for mums that want to get their sexy back!

If you’re a new mum this is the class for you. Classes specifically designed for new mothers concerned with restrengthening their CORE and reshaping their post baby body. Workouts combine cardio and mild strength exercises to tone, tighten and transform your body.

Surprise Saturday: Saturday morning class

Caters for up to 30 people. A chance to get in that extra workout!

Special class that rotates between: - MASS Circuit - TABATA - Partner Workout - Special Interval - ETOT - Kickboxing - Fitness Dance Class

All these areas of training are crucial to ensure you drastically transform your body. A GROUPIES class rapidly aids in weight loss, tone, increased of fitness, hypertrophy, speed & power, maximising strength, agility, and endurance. See yourself getting stronger, faster, fitter & healthier.

If you’re InPursuit of achieving your health and fitness goals, then our GROUPIES classes are for you! Please note: GROUPIES classes cater to all levels of fitness and ability. GROUPIES are NOT the same as Crossfit or Bootcamp.

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